Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jonathan Product Serious Volume Volumizing Shampoo/Conditioner Review

I caught onto the vegan hype a year ago and was trying out all things vegan. Living in a big city like New York made it easy, as there are many hip vegan eateries all over the city and grocery stores that sell vegan produce.

When I heard about Jonathan Product's Serious Volume Volumizing Shampoo/Conditioner, I knew it was only natural for me to get it. This line is free of sulfate and washes hair with a sugar foam base.

Although I was told that this shampoo (8.4oz for $20 at Sephora) is highly concentrated and I would only need a little ("a little goes a long way), I found myself using a significant amount of shampoo to clean my hair the way I want to. Granted, that has been the curse of having thick hair, but I never had to use this much shampoo.

The other thing I did not like about this shampoo was that my hair would tangle up into a big web of mess after I shampoo due to the sugar foam base. Maybe sulfate wasnt such a bad thing after all. Needless to say, I did not purchase the shampoo after I finished it.

As for the conditioner? I did not like it either. The conditioner (8.4oz for $22 at Sephora) had a hard time untangling the mess created by the shampoo. Sometimes, drug store brands are better as proven in this case; also, they dont break your wallet! There is one thing that I love about this line. It smells so amazing - like sugar :)

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Anonymous said...

hi, i just purchased this shampoo yesterday and tried it this morning. i agree with the "big web of mess after i shampoo due to the sugar foam base." i was surprised at how syrupy it was and i didn't purchase their conditioner haha (good thing i had one in my bathroom).

but can i just ask if it did anything for your hair? did it really gave you the oomph or did it just leave your hair dried out?