Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Smith's Rosebud Salve Review

Every wonder what is the one thing our favorite gossip girl cannot live without? Leighton Meester opened up to Us Magazine in this week's issue "The thing that I cannot live without Smith's Rosebud Salve." There you have it.

Smith's Rosebud Salve was launched in the 1800s and is still wildly popular today. Celebrities and makeup artists horde it like it is soon to go out of production. And at $6, you cannot ask for a better deal.

I love the cute tin packing and the faint scent of rose. Rosebud Salve is a multi-faceted product and can be used in many ways. Here are some of my uses for this cult favorite product:

1. Lip moisturizer - sometimes I like to layer it over a lipstick or use it as a base before applying my lipgloss.
2. Cuticles cream - every wonder how to get amazingly soft cuticles? Rosebud to the rescue. While on long flight, Rosebud serves as my cuticles cream. What better way to spend time than to moisturize my cuticles.
3. Eyebrow gel - I dab a little bit of Rosebud on my fingers and use it to tame my eyebrows.
4. Pigment primer - I love my MAC pigments, but it is hard to get them on without properly priming the skin. Dab a wee bit of Rosebud all over the lid and those pigments will look as vibrant as they can be.
5. Blush - When I am going for the nude look, sometimes I dab Rosebud on the apples of my cheeks for slight color and dewy effect. If you desire more color, simply top it off with some blush.
6. Hair serum - Believe it or not, Rosebud works wonder at taming frizzy hair.
7. Foot cream - If my feet are really dry, I slather Rosebud all over them and wear socks before going to bed.

I recall I once even used it as a burnt oilment and it worked pretty well!

Buy it today at Sephora for $6: Rosebud Salve.

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