Sunday, August 10, 2008

Guerlain Le 2 Mascara Review

Since we are hot on the heels of the vibrating mascara debate, I decided to do a review on Guerlain's Le 2 Mascara that I tried a while back. Of all the non high-tech mascaras that have debuted this year, I am most impressed by Le 2 Mascara. I can do without the large bristles wand, but the smaller bristles wand (tilted 7 degrees) truly lives up to Le 2 Mascara's tag line of not leaving any lashes behind. If you recall, I have relatively (ok, that is an understatement) short bottom lashes and have struggled to apply mascara to them since most bristles on the market are too big. If I have a lot of spare time, I will take the small bristles wand and use that to slowly define, curl, lengthen every single lash - top and bottom!

I still like Lancome's Oscillation better, but for defining those bottom lashes, no one does a better job than Le 2 Mascara. Get one at Sephora, $35, for those special nights out when you need to make your eyes pop: Le 2 Mascara. Comes in three colors: Black, Brown, and Blue. I like black because at the price, I want it to be worth its while.

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