Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ted Gibson Goodnite Hair Repair Serum Review

When Angelina Jolie's go-to hair guru, Ted Gibson, is not busy working on the tresses of his celebrities clients, he is busy creating products that will help everyday women achieve to-die-for hair.

Ted Gibson's Goodnite Hair Repair Serum Review is the ideal hair tonic/potion for damaged hair. Formulated with lavender oils, wheat proteins, orchid extracts (his signature flower), and a potent blend of amino acids, this serum attacks all hair problems with startling results. When Anna Hathaway hair needed some extra TLC, she counts on this serum to do its magic.

Yes, at $200, it is enough to make mere mortals like us scream, but a little goes a long way for this concentrated serum. I suffered from oily scalp my entire life, seeing how my models friends all swear by it, I had to try it. The benefits of having friends in the modeling industry is not only can they get you into all the hottest clubs/restaurants at the flash of their model ID, but they have tried all the latest and greatest products (and sometimes I get their leftovers or unwanted items) so they save me time - and money- navigating through the heaps of products.

Every night, especially during those hot summer months, I squeeze a dime size serum from the dropper and massage it into my scalp and ends before I go to bed. This product absorbs so well that I have no residue on my pillow. The soothing scent of the lavender does not hurt either. I float to Neverland in my dreams and wake up to a more balanced scalp, soft, manageable silky mane! All my damaged cuticles? As if I ever had them =) I especially love to use this after a long day at the beach because it really restore my scalp and hair back to normal and reverse all of the environmental damages. This serum not only works for oily scalp but also for dry scalp to restore luster! A 4oz bottle usually last me 4 -5 months.

$200 is a lot to pay for 4 oz of hair serum, but if it gets you Gisele Bunchen's locks, it is all worth it. Get it at Sephora: Goodnite Hair Repair Serum.

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